Junior Cycle

Magnus Magnifique - Résumé et Lexique

Magnus Magnifique claims to be the greatest teacher in the world and, unlike other teachers, he can teach every subject. Two students come to seek his aid. He insists that both girls are called Christine. Magnus tries to teach them history, geography, mathematics, music and languages but the girls object. They wish to become actresses. He refuses because he claims it is not a suitable profession. He then tries painting, fencing, puppeteering, boxing, magic, singing and dancing.

But no, the girls want to learn acting. Magnus says he cannot teach them acting because they are too small, have girlish voices and the wrong colour of hair. Only when the girls get angry and argue with him does he recognize their potential and agrees to help them to become great actresses.


Here are some words to help you. Say them out loud as well as reading them.

Ensigner  -  to teach                              Taille   -  size

Peintre     -  painter                                Argent -  money

Dessiner  -  to draw                               fort/e     -  strong

Escrime   -  fencing                                retentissante  -  ringing

Marionette – puppet                                montre  -  to show

Frapper      -  to hit                                  Voix      -  voice

Chanter     -  to sing                                Cheveux  -  hair

Danser      - to danse                              Comportement  -bearing, behavior

Essayer     -  to try                                  demain     -  tomorrow