Senior Cycle

Le Bureau de Madame Grandechance - Résumé et Lexique

Mme Grandechance has advertised in the newspaper for young people willing to change their careers and seize an opportunity to get rich.  Two very different people have been invited to turn up for interview (un entretien) - a bank clerk (un employé de banque)  and a policeman (un agent de police)– although as yet they don’t know what sort of job to expect.


Each of them has a very good reason for wanting to trade in the monotony of their everyday job for something different and exciting, but Mme Grandechance will not divulge the nature of her project until she has interviewed them and sworn them  to secrecy.  Then we discover that she intends to use their various talents to help her to rob a bank! (Maybe she has lost all her investments in bank shares and wants to get her own back!)


Far from being appalled, the characters throw themselves whole-heartedly into the scheme, each one with their own ideas of how it could be achieved.  But, will the schemes work?  Does Mme Grandechance really have the inside knowledge that she claims, or will they discover that the jobs they already have, ordinary though they may be, are a safer bet?


Lexique   (remembering these words will help you to enjoy the play)


En attendant Madame Grandechance

avoir tort – to be wrong,   avoir raison – to be right    avoir peur – to be afraid

gagner une fortune – to make a fortune

c’est une ruse – it’s a trick

jouer à pile ou face -  heads or tails

illégal - illegal


Les Entretiens

L’employée de banque – ça m’ennuie – it bores me,  les choses ennuyeuses – boring things, ouvrir un compte – to open an account, déposer de l’argent – to lodge money, retirer de l’argent – to withdraw money, remplir un formulaire – to fill in a form.

L’agent de police –chercher de l’aventure – looking for excitement, les meurtres – murders, les vols à main armée – armed robbery, les assassinats – assassinations.  réparer – to repair,   conduire – to drive, la circulation – traffic,  la vitesse – speed


La nature du plan et les répétitions

attaquer une banque -  to rob a bank,  le guichet – the cash desk,  répéter – to rehearse,  to practise,

 un plan – a plan, un pistolet – a gun, une balle – a bullet,  un coup de feu – a gunshot,  s’échapper – to escape, un ôtage – a hostage,  la preuve – proof,  deviner – to guess


Le Dénouement 

Au secours !    Help !

 la grande stratégie – the great plan,   les déguisements –  disguises, 

démenagé -  moved,  disparu – disappeared,   elle s’en est allée – it’s gone !


Et finalement –

rançonner -  to ransom.